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About Us

Tron Society is made up of engaged people, who together pursue one goal: expand the community through various plans and projects to bring blockchain closer to even more people.
We have chosen the term society because it is an increase of community. We would like to enlarge the community with all others - with the supporters, as well as the other SR's - to such an extent that at least everyone has heard of it and at best will deal with it.

The Team


Tron Society pursues a number of goals, including community growth, the dApp development and expansion of Tron Network infrastructure. But how exactly do we approach these goals and what are they for?

Community growth - We are active on various platforms to keep you up to date every day. We do not only want to arouse the interest of already active supporters, we also want to include strangers who have not previously dealt with the blockchain. This way we create an even bigger community - a society. We would also like to start projects with other TronSR's or support them in projects to further strengthen and bring the Tron Community closer again. As a thank you for your support, you will receive an appropriate reward in TRX.

dApp Development - Since we have experienced programmers in our team, dApp development is at the forefront. Marius Gill already programmed the Tron Wallet App for Android for the Tron Programming Contest. So, he and his abilities are already known to some. So far, we have developed a Gamble dApp for Android called "Tron Gamble". There are already a few plans for another dApp, like the Tron Wallet for iOS.

Expansion of infrastructure - We also want to expand the infrastructure by placing more nodes around the world, so that the network will become more reliable.

Supporter Token TronSociety – TSY

Our Token TronSociety (TSY) should serve Tron Society, beside the votes, as a support to realize their plans and goals. Nevertheless, Tron Society will include the token TSY in its projects in the future to create an added value for it. It is now available on TRXMarket and can be traded there: TronScan TSY Exchange


Here are some tutorial videos about our app and tron related topics.


Tron Society has already formed a few partnerships.

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You can have your rewards calculated - all you have to do is enter the number of votes and the Reward Calculator will show you the rewards daily, weekly, monthly and yearly according to our current status.









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